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Hair Extensions

Casey only uses top quality human hair. All hair is double drawn which means the hair is thick from top to bottom. Hair Extensions are great to add length, volume and thickness to add instant glam to your everyday look. Casey offers affordable prices without lacking in quality and provides a wide variety of colours for the best colour match. Casey stocks 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” inch hair extensions. Custom orders and virgin double drawn Russian hair available on request.



Casey’s Curls specializes in Seamless Flatweft & Genius Weft Permanent Hair extensions. Casey only uses top quality Russian Human hair. All hair is double drawn which mean the hair is thick from top to bottom. 

Hair extensions are ideal for all hair types but most suitable for normal to thick hair. The mircobeads are applied in rows to the scalp and then the weft is secured by sewing the hair onto the beads, without the use of tight braids that are often used for sew in techniques. The beaded rows of microbeads replace the typical braid method and offers a much flatter position to the scalp, without the uncomfortable, and often damaging, tension of a braid. This sew in weft technique gives a durable fitting without glue or heat, with the added benefit of being able to re-use the wefts to reposition many times or alternately they can be turned into custom made clip ins. Removal is quick and easy for the extensionist and safe for the client. Fast becoming one of the most popular methods on the market.


Half head 60g

(1 row)

16"    $440

20"  $490

24"  $540

80g + $50

Two tone hair: add $30

Three tone hair: add $50

Please note: Genius wefts are $100 extra on above prices.


Please come with clean dry hair.

Double shampoo and with light conditioner (just on ends) then blow dry hair.

Fulll head 120g

(2 rows)

16"    $640

20"  $690

24"  $740

140g + $70

Full head + 1/2 180g

(3-4 rows)

16"    $940

20"  $990

24"  $1140

200g +$100

Prices for double drawn  10A Russian Human Hair.


Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom orders.


Prices include: Hair extensions, application, cut, blend and style.


Foiled Colours available and Ombre hair available on request.


seamless flatweft

clip in's



Clip in extensions are great for everyday use or just for special occasions. They instantly add volume, length and thickness to your natural hair. They are easy to apply and remove. See below for application guide lines. ​ Clip in's are available in Full Head (120g), Full Head + 1/2 (180g), 1 Piece Clip In and 2 Piece Clip In. 

1 & 2 Piece Clip In's are custom made to each client to suit their head size. An appointment is required and custom orders can take 2-3 weeks to arrive. 


Casey’s Curls Clip ins are 5 piece sets.

1x 3 clips – Apply each row to bottom your scalp leaving approx. 1-2 cm between each extension piece.

1x 4 clips - Apply middle back of your scalp, leaving approx. 1-2 cm between each extension piece.

1x 5 clips - Applied to crown of head.

2x 2 clips – 1x per side of head.



16"    $300

20"  $350

24"  $400

Two tone hair: add $30

Three tone hair: add $50

Extra Grams: Add $30 per 20g

Two tone hair foiled or ombre hair available on request if not already in stock. Please add an extra $30-50 on above prices.


Above prices for Double drawn Russian Remy Human Hair.

Custom Colours and lengths available on request, Please contact for more details. Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive custom orders.


Clip ins Cut & Blend add $40.00. Does not include style.


Postage available. Please contact for more details.


Clip ins Extensions information/ aftercare

- Do wear them as often or as little as you like

- Remove, brush and put back in bag after every use

- Wash every 5 -10 wears


16"    $400

20"  $450

24"  $500

The new collection just arriveD! (14)_ed
Seamless Flatweft
Clip Ins



- Low pony or plait hair before bed

- Sleep on silk or satin pillowcase

- Do not use shampoo that contains protein. Avoid shampoos that say "Repair/Strengthening"

- Use Moisturizer/smoothing Shampoos and conditions.

- Treatment is recommended with every wash

- Brush gently: from ends to root. Holding roots while brushing ends

- Use the correct brush: tangle teezer or detangle brush is recommended

- Do not apply conditioner or treatment to roots. Recommended from neck down

- Do not tie hair up in high pony for the first 1-2 weeks as extensions are tight and may cause pulling on natural hair

- Low pony while exercising


Please come with clean hair


Seamless Flatweft

1 row       $100

2 rows   $160

3 rows   $200

4 rows   $250

With wash and blow dry - $80extra


Sew in Microweft removal

1 row        $30

2 rows    $40

3 rows    $50

4 rows    $60


When is Maintenance required?

Maintenance is needed every 6-8 weeks or when your extensions have moved down approximately 2cm


Why do I need maintenance?

Maintenance is needed to ensure your extensions stay close to the top of your scalp as your hair grows


How much is Maintenance?

Maintenance prices are based on the weight of the hair

How long does maintenance take?

1 row      30 minutes

2 rows  45 minutes

3 rows   1 hour

4 rows  1 hour,  15 minutes

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