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maintenance & aftercare


- Low pony or plait hair before bed

- Sleep on silk or satin pillowcase

- Do not use shampoo that contains protein. Avoid shampoos that say "Repair/Strengthening"

- Use Moisturizer/smoothing Shampoos and conditions.

- Treatment is recommended with every wash

- Brush gently: from ends to root. Holding roots while brushing ends

- Use the correct brush: tangle teezer or detangle brush is recommended

- Do not apply conditioner or treatment to roots. Recommended from neck down

- Do not tie hair up in high pony for the first 1-2 weeks as extensions are tight and may cause pulling on natural hair

- Low pony while exercising



When is Maintenance required?

Maintenance is needed every 6-8 weeks or when your extensions have moved down approximately 2cm

Why do I need maintenance?

Maintenance is needed to ensure your extensions stay close to the top of your scalp as your hair grows

How much is Maintenance?

Maintenance prices are based on the weight of the of the hair


Please come with clean hair


Seamless Flatweft

1 row - $60

2 rows - $120

3 rows - $160

4 rows - $210

With wash and blow dry - $40 extra


How long does maintenance take?

1 row - 30 minutes

2 rows - 45 minutes

3 rows - 1 hour

4 rows - 1 hour, 15 minutes


Sew in Microweft removal

1 row - $40

2 rows - $50

3 rows - $60

4 rows - $70

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