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spray tanning

Sunless Spray tans are great for the bronzed glow we all hope for. They are quick and easy and come in express and overnight tanning solutions. Whether it’s a weekly tan or just a for specially occasion, Casey’s Curls is the one to see. See below the tanning products Casey loves and uses for best tanning results.


Price $30.00 per full body tan



Bondi Sands

Light/Medium: 2-4 hours express tan

Dark: 2-4 hours express tan

Ultra Dark: 2-4 hours express tan


Tanning Do’s

Shower before your appointment and leave skin fresh and clean.

Shave and exfoliate your skin 24 hours before your appointment.

Bring loose clothing to your appointment to wear after application.

Rinse Spray tan after desired time until the water runs clear in the shower.

For lasting results keep skin moisturised.


Tanning Don’ts

Do not swim, get wet, exercise or perform any activity until after you have rinsed the bronzer from your skin.

Do not wear any make up, perfume, deodorant or moisturiser before your tanning appointment as they create a barrier for the tan

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